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getCacheRefreshIntervalInMs() - Method in class com.gremlin.GremlinConfiguration
getConfig() - Method in class com.gremlin.GremlinConfigurationResolver
Supply config values
getConfig() - Method in class com.gremlin.SystemGremlinConfigurationResolver
getExperiment(TrafficCoordinates) - Method in class com.gremlin.GremlinService
Given a specific injection point (TrafficCoordinates), find an impact to inject, if applicable.
getExperimentGuid() - Method in class com.gremlin.ExperimentImpact
returns the GUID of the experiment causing the impact
getGremlinIdentifier() - Method in class com.gremlin.GremlinConfiguration
getGremlinService() - Method in class com.gremlin.GremlinServiceFactory
getGremlinTeamCertificate() - Method in class com.gremlin.GremlinConfiguration
getGremlinTeamId() - Method in class com.gremlin.GremlinConfiguration
getGremlinTeamPrivateKey() - Method in class com.gremlin.GremlinConfiguration
getImpactParameter(String) - Method in class com.gremlin.ExperimentImpact
Look up a parameter of the impact
GremlinApacheHttpRequestInterceptor - Class in com.gremlin.http.client
This class integrates Gremlin with the Apache HTTP Client You may inject this interceptor at the point where the HTTP client is created.
GremlinApacheHttpRequestInterceptor(GremlinService, String) - Constructor for class com.gremlin.http.client.GremlinApacheHttpRequestInterceptor
Construct on instance of this interceptor.
GremlinConfiguration - Class in com.gremlin
This set of data is used to configure the connection to Gremlin.
GremlinConfiguration(Optional<String>, String, String, String, int) - Constructor for class com.gremlin.GremlinConfiguration
GremlinConfigurationResolver - Class in com.gremlin
An interface that you can implement if you want to supply a GremlinConfiguration when setting up Gremlin.
GremlinConfigurationResolver() - Constructor for class com.gremlin.GremlinConfigurationResolver
GremlinCoordinatesProvider - Class in com.gremlin
This class is the way to tell Gremlin about the attributes you care about when creating attacks.
GremlinCoordinatesProvider() - Constructor for class com.gremlin.GremlinCoordinatesProvider
GremlinDynamoRequestInterceptor - Class in com.gremlin.db.dynamo.client
This class integrates Gremlin with the DynamoDB client You may inject this interceptor at the point where the DynamoDB client is created.
GremlinDynamoRequestInterceptor(GremlinService, int, int) - Constructor for class com.gremlin.db.dynamo.client.GremlinDynamoRequestInterceptor
Construct on instance of this interceptor.
GremlinService - Class in com.gremlin
High-level orchestration of calls to Gremlin API.
GremlinService() - Constructor for class com.gremlin.GremlinService
GremlinServiceFactory - Class in com.gremlin
A user obtains an instance of GremlinService by invoking GremlinServiceFactory.getGremlinService().
GremlinServiceFactory() - Constructor for class com.gremlin.GremlinServiceFactory
GremlinServiceFactory(GremlinCoordinatesProvider) - Constructor for class com.gremlin.GremlinServiceFactory
GremlinServiceFactory(GremlinCoordinatesProvider, GremlinConfigurationResolver) - Constructor for class com.gremlin.GremlinServiceFactory
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